How to Select a Medical Spa

If you want to seek esthetic services above what a spa offers, turn to a medical spa. While some of your selection should be based upon the type of service you need, you may have several options.

Here’s what the experts say you need to look for in a medical spa.

“Experience, first and foremost. You need to ensure that you’re receiving med spa services from experienced and educated professionals. Personnel should undergo proper training and have plenty of experience. When you decide on a med spa, you should be confident that you’ll be receiving your treatments from someone with the right knowledge and experience. You can also look for a medical spa that uses software like the ones from so you can easily access your medical records.

“Quality — it is to your advantage to seek a medical spa that is run under the supervision of a board-certified plastic surgeon. Plastic surgeons are trained not only in surgical procedures but non-surgical procedures as well. You will be guided in choosing procedures like anti-aging dermal fillers and botox injections to achieve your goals. You may check out spas like Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville for your Botox.

“Results — make sure the medical spa like the ones from clinically proven, results-based, comprehensive treatment options that can renew, revitalize your skin, hone your contours, smooth wrinkles and much more with minimal downtime and maximum benefits. You should also be able to see before and after photos of results from procedures performed at that facility with those providers.”

Vito Quatela, board-certified facial plastic surgeon, The Quatela Center for Plastic Surgery, Rochester.

“In a medical spa, they’re supervised by a physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant so people can ask about any medical problems.

“In a medical spa, every patient who comes in should get a skin analysis by a licensed aesthetician. They address the issues the client has and recommend the best treatments.”

Trish Hohman, practice administrator at Helendale Dermatology and Medical Spa in Rochester.

“Looking at the experience of the provider you’re going to is very helpful. There are a lot of different places offering aesthetician in New York. It’s a relatively unregulated industry.

“A lot of people can do a lot of treatments that in other states, you’d only be able to do at a physician-directed medical spa. Definitely do you your homework and find someone that’s preferably established and known in the community.

“Ask around. One big way people find out about me is word of mouth. If you’re doing quality work, and you’re really meticulous at doing these procedures, people will talk about it. They’ll share that information with their close friends and family members.

“Look for reviews online. See what people have to say about the place.

Physician Ben Tracy, Monroe Medspa, Rochester.

“A medical spa typically has a medical director who’s a medical doctor who supervises the staff. Anything like weight loss, hormone replacement, Botox or other injections have to be supervised by a doctor or a nurse practitioner.

“The medical doctor doesn’t have to be there, but an MD has to be tied to the building somehow. They have to supervise the facility and staff. They don’t have to be there each time something like Botox is offered. If there’s an issue, they can speak with the MD for advice a phone call away.

“Know who you’re going to, who the providers are, and that it’s truly legit. A lot of services like Coolsculpting and Botox can be offered by anyone. Make sure they’re a reputable company.”

Alicia Caiola-Hicks, nurse manager and practice manager at Vitalize Medical Center in Rochester.