Hypnosis: How it Can Help Eliminate Phobias and Anxiety

By Rekha Shrivastava

Rekha Shrivastava
Rekha Shrivastava

Phobias are defined as an overwhelming, irrational and persistent fear, and may lead to avoidant behaviors, anxiety and sometimes severe panic attacks. Thankfully, emdr therapy and other treatments may be able to help you better manage your fear and avoid anxiety or panic attacks.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, an estimated 12.5% of U.S. adults experience specific phobias at some point in their lives. For those who experience moderate to severe symptoms, living a normal life can be challenging. Phobias can become irrational and debilitating, and sometimes even simple day-to-day activities can become problematic. 

For the millions of Americans who suffer daily from the negative impact of single or multiple phobias, knowing where to turn can be a challenge. 

There are many reasons why patients aren’t able to get the help they need. Beyond common issues such as embarrassment, denial and the social stigma associated with mental health, often the phobia itself may make reaching out to others feel impossible. 

Fortunately, with improved recognition of the negative impact of phobias and anxiety, more people are seeking the help they so desperately need. According to a great Doctor, hypnosis and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) are some of the most effective therapies in treating people with these debilitating conditions.

strategy can have a major impact on both short- and long-term success. The majority of our clients have already failed with both traditional and nontraditional approaches. Many are referred from their primary care providers, who recognize that their patients are best managed when the mind and body are treated together.

 At Blossom Hypnosis, we specialize in treating patients holistically. Phobias and anxieties can be deep-rooted, developed over a lifetime by a conditioning process. 

The only way to ensure long term results is to understand the true source of the problem. Hypnosis provides the tools to unlearn these associations, resulting in a healthier behavioral response. 

A skilled hypnotist unearths the underlying issues and conflicts, and offers subconscious suggestions that allow for a healthy response to anxiety provoking triggers. Using tools such as visualization and gradual exposure, fears are faced in a safe, supportive environment. Retraining the subconscious mind allows sufferers to tackle everyday problems with confidence that can last a lifetime. 

We recognize that every phobia is unique in origin, requiring a methodical and multifaceted approach. Our clients’ testimonials highlight the range of pathologies that we have successfully treated utilizing our unique approach. From complex addictions and depression, to every day fears and emotional disorders, almost any challenge can be overcome.

Not all hypnotists have the decades of experience, higher education, and certifications that are offered at Blossom. With a free detailed analysis, there is no risk to taking the first step towards a better and more functional life.

Rekha Shrivastava, MS, is a certified hypnotist and certified rehabilitation counselor. She operates Blossom Hypnosis, 700 W. Metro Park, Rochester. Contact her at 585-281-2988 or visit blossomhypnosis.org.