Expect the Best from Today’s Modern Chiropractor

By William S Ferris, DC

Q: What does the first visit at Modern Chiropractic & Pain Relief look like?

The initial visit is simple and quick. There is no removal of clothing, just a simple intake form and you immediately meet with the doctor. The doctor will take time to listen to your story and any treatments you’ve tried in the past and how the current pain is affecting your life. He or she may conduct in house X-rays if necessary and will then give you an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

Q: Once I start going to a chiropractor do I have to keep going?

Not at all. At Modern Chiropractic we take pride in successfully “closing cases.” In other words, patients who come to us receive a start date and an end date for maximum clinical improvement so they can return quickly to the activities they enjoy.

Q: How are you able to determine the alignment of my spine?

Modern Chiropractic & Pain Relief has in-house state-of-the-art, hospital-grade Digital X-ray. The result is an extremely clear picture of spinal alignment or any mis-alignments. From there an accurate treatment plan can be made accordingly.

Q: Can tech neck and hunching with aging be prevented?

Yes. If you go to a dentist, he or she can clean your teeth but the alignment of your newly cleaned teeth remains unchanged. It is the orthodontist who deals with alignment issues. Within chiropractic very few have a subspecialty in correcting global alignment problems such as “tech neck,” which is characterized by loss of the normal cervical curve referred to as a lordotic curve. Modern Chiropractic & Pain Relief offers a sub-specialty to improve or correct such problems, which is quite unique in the Rochester area. We are able to quantify the improvements with pre- and post-radiographic images and teach you how to keep it that way.

Q: Why should I use Modern Chiropractic & Pain Relief over other choices in the area?

Check out our online reviews. Real people, real results.

Q: Do medical professionals recognize your work as scientific, safe and effective?

Absolutely they do. In fact, Modern Chiropractic & Pain Relief has distinguished itself in the area as innovative, evidence-based and technologically advanced. Not only do we have a very strong cross referral programs with local medical doctors, the fact is many actually come to us for their own musculoskeletal pain relief needs. In our view that is the strongest endorsement.

Q: How can I schedule a free consultation?

Simply call 585-398-1201 and tell our front desk you would like a free consultation to meet with one of our doctors. After the free consultation if the doctor feels he can accept your case and you like the facility and doctor’s bedside manner, you can opt in for a full comprehensive exam and accurate diagnosis for only

$29. Coming in to meet the doctor for simple discussion about your painful situation is offered as a free consultation before you make any further decisions.

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