UR School of Nursing, URMC extend free tuition program

The University of Rochester School of Nursing, in partnership with nursing practice at the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC), has extended a free tuition program for UR nurses for another two years.

The UR School of Nursing Tuition Grant supplements UR employee tuition benefits to provide 100% tuition coverage in select bachelor’s, master’s, and post-master’s programs. Open to eligible University of Rochester employees, the grant is available for new students in the following programs:

• RN to BS program (BS),
• Clinical Nurse Leader (MS, Post-MS, RN to BS to MS entry points)
• Nursing Education (MS, Post-MS, and RN to BS to MS entry points)
• Leadership in Health Care Systems (MS and RN to BS to MS entry points)

The grant was first implemented in 2019 as a pilot program but was slated to end later this year. The extension will cover new students who matriculate and begin their degree program no later than the summer 2024 semester.

More than 500 URMC nurses and health care professionals have enrolled and benefitted from the grant since its inception.