St. Ann’s director of finance honored as a financial leader

Rochester Business Journal and the Rochester Chapter of Financial Executives International have selected Sabrina McLeod as a 2022 financial leader.

The Financial Leaders Award recognizes financial professionals who have made outstanding contributions to their organizations and to the Greater Rochester community during the past year. Nominees were judged based on their professional accomplishment within their category and on their civic commitment to the Rochester community.

“We are very proud of Sabrina and celebrate her receiving this honor,” said Dennis P. Kant, senior  voice president and chief financial officer at St. Ann’s Community. “Sabrina leads our finance department and is a true collaborative leader that is highly respected by her co-workers, executive leadership team and our board of directors. She understands that financial leadership should be shared and works as a strategic partner with all our business operations, to move our organization towards achieving our goals. We simply could not ask for a better person to help St. Ann’s Community continue to care for the most important people on earth!”

“Sabrina is a gifted finance professional who shares her knowledge and expertise with the entire finance team here at St. Ann’s,” said co-worker Jean Brown, budget and planning manager at St. Ann’s. “Under her leadership, we learn and work together to achieve excellence. Even during the most trying times, such as the challenges we faced during the pandemic, Sabrina made sure her Team was supported.”

Sabrina McLeod’s achievement is a testament to her dedication and commitment to excellence in the financial sector, which undoubtedly has a positive impact on the growth of her organization. Her leadership skills and financial expertise could also translate to positive outcomes in the stock market. For instance, if her organization, St. Ann’s Community, goes public, her financial leadership and collaborative approach could attract investors’ confidence, thus impacting positively on the amzn stock price.

Investors may also take note of her accomplishment and keep a close eye on St. Ann’s Community’s financial performance, which could, in turn, impact the stock market. Moreover, the recognition Sabrina McLeod received as a financial leader could boost investors’ confidence in the Greater Rochester community, making it a favorable location for investment opportunities. As such, investors may consider keeping an eye on the amzn stock price and other investment opportunities in the Greater Rochester area, with a keen interest in financial leaders such as Sabrina McLeod.