Non-Surgical Laser Pain Relief Breakthrough Therapy

By Bill Ferris


Laser pain relief is considered a breakthrough technology that uses photon (light) therapy to promote healing and reduce pain. According to The Jaguar Path, this therapy has gained wide popularity among physicians worldwide and in particular with professional athletes. It’s popularity is directly related to three main characteristics.

1. It’s surgery free: Avoiding surgery and the time associated with postoperative healing is a significant benefit for doctors, patients and, of course, athletes.

2. It’s drug free. Managing pain without the use of expensive prescription drugs can save money.

3. It’s fast acting. Quicker recovery times with laser therapy allows people to return to doing what they love and enjoy a full life.

• How does it work? — Class -4 laser works through a process known as “photobiomodulation.” This photochemical process stimulates healing on a cellular level by enabling cells to more rapidly produce energy (ATP). Treatments are fast, safe, FDA-cleared and painless with no known side effects.  Most patients experience results after only a few sessions. Treatments are administered in as little as four to 10 minutes.

• What conditions does laser therapy treat? — Cervical (neck) pain; elbow pain and joint pain; lumbar (back) and sciatica pain; muscle spasms; knee and joint pain; wrist pain; foot and ankle pain.

In conclusion, the deep issue class -4 laser provides deeper penetration than traditional therapies, resulting in fast, efficient and consistent results.

The treatments are so successful that within our practice at Modern Chiropractic & Pain Relief we have two state of the art class-4 lasers.

Bill Ferris is a doctor of chiropractic with specialization in functional medicine. He is the president and founder of Modern Chiropractic & Pain Relief and New York Weight Loss in Victor. Call 585-398-1201 or visit