Modern Chiropractic Launches Chiro Club

New Modern Chiropractic approach offers a collection of services, unlimited visits and no co-pays

By William Ferris, DC, Derek Johnstone, DC


Traditionally, chiropractic has been built on an old school model that some feel is now antiquated. Three visits a week was not uncommon, which meant co-pay after co-pay after another expensive co-pay.

While the treatments themselves could be effective, the model was unsustainable in many regards. Every day men and women were sometimes having difficulty affording that type of care because expensive, unnecessary, co-pays seemed to be rising each year and the three-visit- a-week model became cost prohibitive.

The new Modern Chiropractic approach does away with all that and gives forward-thinking patients all-access to the things they actually need, which are items and services that address the whole musculoskeletal system. Pain relief patients are dealing with both muscles and bones so therefore the Modern approach gives patients access to all of these services that address the entire system, with one interesting twist, namely not being over burdened with expense of too many co-pays.

Introducing Chiro Club

The new exciting model called Chiro Club is a collection of vital services for one low price. It’s offered at Modern Chiropractic & Pain Relief in Victor. Patients can choose from several plans, ranging from $79 to $99.

Here’s how it works: Chiro Club offers board-certified chiropractic adjustments, which have been proven effective to restore and improve motion while providing pain reduction within the spine and extremities. This removal of bony restrictions and the proper return to good articular motion is what enhances lubrication of the joint spaces while giving patients longevity over the course of their lives. Isn’t it time to get the “warranty” out of your one and only human body?

Here’s where things get interesting, in the new Chiro Club model patients also receive a proprietary “ultimate soft tissue package.” This means they will benefit from zero gravity massages prior to the board-certified chiropractic adjustments. This will loosen up the muscles and relax the patient, which may allow the adjustments to last and hold longer. Inflammation goes down during periods of relaxation. In addition to that, patients will receive HyperVolt. This is an advanced soft tissue percussion technology, which releases soft tissue restrictions. The “Ultimate Soft Tissue Package” provides the patient with access to doctor-trained hands-on soft tissue release techniques that will further break up difficult to reach scar tissue. Each treatment is soothing to the patient in an enjoyable and relieving, experience.

We saved the best for last. As a special bonus. patients will also have access to CRYOFOS, which is brand new in North America and the only unit currently available in Rochester. Typically billed across the nation at $60-$65 per treatment it’s included free with participation in Chiro Club, this is the latest technology using cryo therapy to stop inflammation in its tracks.

When potential patients critically evaluate the entire package and put it all together they will quickly see an unbeatable value. They will also benefit from a reduction in pain while achieving a healthier and more productive life as they keep more of their hard-earned dollars in their pocket, thus bypassing the old, expensive, antiquated  copay system.

This means keeping ahead of pain and remaining engaged in the activities they love.

The new model puts the patient in the driver seat giving them unlimited visits while having a say in their treatments. Patients may want their shoulder treated one visit and perhaps their knee, back or hip looked at on the following visit. Either way, the new Chiro Club is patient centric giving them control of how to best address their individual needs.

William Ferris, DC, and Derek Johnstone, DC, of Modern Chiropractic & Pain Relief have a combined 30 years of experience with an average 4.9 (out of 5.0) positive Google rating. For more information, call 585-398-1201 or visit

Photo: Interior of Modern Chiropractic & Pain Relief, located three miles south of East View Mall on 311 W. Main St, Victor. The practice is a Chiro Club, which gives patients a collection of services and unlimited visits, with no co-pays.