Community Service Hours Lead to Years of Local Partnership

NYCC students have been volunteering with Habitat Humanity of Seneca County for at least eight years. Recent projects in Seneca Falls had some students spreading gravel for a sidewalk at a home on East. Bayard Street, while others helped build a shed on Tyler Avenue.

President of Habitat for Humanity of Seneca County Menzo Case said that student volunteers help them stay on time with their projects.

“Our experience with NYCC students is that they are willing to take on any task — demolition, building walls, putting in plumbing, wiring, roofing, you name it. They bring with them a willingness to learn and patience to work with both skilled and unskilled volunteers and family members,” Case noted. Their sincerity should be really appreciated and they have now become capable of solving all basic issues related to plumbing, wiring, roofing etc. But if you wish to seek for more professional help with your roofing needs, you can check out online sites or article to learn more.

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Habitat for Humanity of Seneca County partners with people in the community to help build or renovate existing homes to create affordable housing.

A global nonprofit housing organization working in local communities across all 50 states in the U.S., Habitat has long been a favorite choice for NYCC students fulfilling their volunteer duties. To learn more about the organization, contact Habitat for Humanity at 315-568-1190 or email

Photo: Students at New York Chiropractic College donating their time to build and repair homes through Habitat Humanity of Seneca County.