Environmental Services’ Evening Shift Named Thompson’s Department of the Year

Environmental Services’ evening shift was recently named the 2021 Department of the Year by UR Medicine Thompson Health.

During patient surges, hospital discharges happen later than usual, often falling during the evening shift. “The members of this small team are often tasked with cleaning multiple rooms so nursing can move patients, preventing emergency department boarders and opening up telemetry and ICU beds,” said Vice President of Patient Services and Chief Nursing Officer Hazel Robertshaw.

According to Robertshaw, the team members on Environmental Services’ evening shift are strategic in making patient throughput possible, remaining nimble and upbeat as more patients are flagged and bed priorities change. “The movement of patients would not be made possible without their flexibility and teamwork,” she said.

Featured Image: Flanked by Nursing Administration Johnelle Keck, left, and Hazel Robertshaw, right, Environmental Services’ evening shift was named UR Medicine Thompson Health’s 2021 Department of the Year for playing a key role in getting patients into beds in a timely manner during surges. Left to right are supervisor Stephanie Abbott, Nancy Wade, Ben Eagley, Makaila Wirth, James Thompson and Donna Miranda.