Cindy Fiege: A Life Lived in Harmony

Owner of natural health store in Spencerport enjoys sharing knowledge of natural products, herbal medicine, supplements

By Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

A decade ago, Cindy Fiege, now 58, hadn’t planned to operate a natural health store. But she’s been doing just that since 2009 at Harmony Health Store, LLC in Spencerport. Her interest in natural health began when she became dissatisfied with the side effects of medication she took for a long-term knee injury. Despite the medicine, “I still wasn’t feeling great,” Fiege recalled.

She hated taking medication after medication to treat all the side effects. Fiege visited a practitioner of natural health who recommended some Nature’s Sunshine brand supplements, which Fiege said worked well for her. She had previously used herbs to address her knee pain and inflammation, but at the time, she didn’t know about the importance of taking quality products and using the herbs regularly as maintenance.

She had worked as a hotel manager for 12 years and left that line of work. She thinks that the stress involved with the job represented another factor in derailing her health. She also wasn’t exercising or eating as healthfully as she should.

While unemployed, she continued to learn about living a healthier, lower-stress lifestyle and supporting improved health by taking supplements which she said “turned my life around. I went from having no enthusiasm to being really excited about things. I got my pep back. I want to share it with the world.”

When a retail space became available, she decided to open a store there so she could sell Nature’s Sunshine and other products that could help other people.

“I am not telling to stop medication, but for me that was what I needed to do,” Fiege said.

At this point, supplements, a healthful diet and gentle exercise help her keep her knee pain under control without the unpleasant side effects of prescription medication.

“I still have a serious issue and should have a knee replacement,” she said. “I can’t run a marathon, but for everyday tasks, I can do OK.”

Her husband of 36 years, Randy, is a trained reiki practitioner and shares the Harmony Health space to meet with clients. In 2008, Fiege also become trained in reiki and certified as an herbalist.

When meeting with new clients, Fiege focuses on adrenal support, since she thinks that many health issues such as fatigue can start in that part of the body.

Dovetailing her interest in natural health, Fiege enjoys healthful cooking and began a Facebook page “Cin-fully Delicious Real Foods” to share her culinary discoveries.

“I emphasize on healthy dishes on the page,” Fiege said. “Truth is that I could whip up a delicious meal in no time.”

In addition to natural health, Fiege enjoys working puzzles, gardening, walking and spending time with her family.