Understanding the Financial Options of Living in a Senior Community

By Brian Burger

As seniors approach retirement and consider their future living arrangements, one important question is, what are the financial options? Are you renting, leasing or buying?

Understanding the Costs

One of the easiest and best things you can do is to decide which communities you are most interested in and reach out to them and discuss pricing options. Senior communities and their sales representatives are very helpful and should be fully transparent about their pricing structures, allowing you to consider what’s best for you.

It’s also always helpful to sit down and itemize your costs of home ownership and compare them to the costs of a senior community. When you start to itemize your taxes, insurances, transportation, lawn care, snow removal, home maintenance, utilities and other costs, it becomes easier to see the value of a senior living community.

Planning for the Future

When considering your financial future with a senior community, it’s important to contemplate not only your immediate needs but also potential future requirements. St. Ann’s Community at Cherry Ridge offers a comprehensive continuum of care – which mean that a full range of healthcare and housing options are available, all conveniently located on a single campus, ensuring that all of your needs can be met as they evolve.

Schedule An Appointment

An important step when considering senior living options is to schedule an appointment and go see the community in person. Bring a list of questions with you so you don’t forget to ask. Are there lots of people and activity in the common areas, are people working out in the fitness center, can you stay for lunch or dinner and try the food, do they have a medical practice you can go to?

Involve friends and family

You may have friends who have personally relocated to senior living communities, and these individuals are a valuable source of information. It’s a good idea to inquire about what criteria they considered, why they selected the particular facilities they did, and whether they would have made different choices in hindsight. Furthermore, involving your family in your decision-making process is crucial. Those who are closest to us are always looking out for our well-being, and having their support and confidence in our decisions can provide the reassurance we need when making the move.

At the end of the day, it’s about you.

The decision to move to a senior community is deeply personal and can be motivated by various factors. It could be for the sake of your children’s peace of mind, or due to the challenges of managing a large home. While these are all valid reasons, it’s essential to remember that, ultimately, you are the one who will reside in your new surroundings. Those are very valid reasons to make the move, but at the end of the day – you’re the one who’s going to live somewhere new. With all of the options available in our area, there’s a place out there that’s perfect for you.

Take your time in making this decision, and most importantly, ensure it’s made on your terms and your timeline. Even if you don’t plan to move for a year or more, begin exploring communities now. This level of preparedness ensures that you are ready for a seamless transition if you happen to be prepared for the relaxed retirement living lifestyle earlier than expected.

Brian Burger is marketing representative at St. Ann’s Community at Cherry Ridge. You can reach him at 585-697-6702 or bburger@mystanns.com.