Meet Your Provider: The Eye Care Center Has a New Macedon Practice

The new site of The Eye Care Center at 1025 Brixton Drive, Macedon.

With the new site in Macedon at 1025 Brixton Drive, finding great eye care is easier than ever. Professionals at The Eye Care Center at Macedon, Canandaigua and Geneva, will ensure you have access to exceptional care from a knowledgeable team.

All locations provide comprehensive, subspeciality and cosmetic treatments, including: eye exams, eyelid surgeries, laser vision correction (LASIK), corneal surgeries, retinal surgeries, glaucoma treatments and cutting edge options for cataract surgery.

Q. What sets apart The Eye Care Center from other eye care providers?

A. Excellence and understanding. Our doctors have extensive experience and truly care about our patients.

Q. How often should people see a physician when it comes to eye health?

Regular visits will vary, depending on the patient’s age, family history and current health. It’s a good idea to see your doctor once every three years if you’re under 50 and once per year when you are 50 or older.

Q. Can you offer any tips for people who work at a computer all day for their eye health?

One recommendation is the 20-20-20 rule. Individuals should take a break every 20 minutes to look at something about 20 feet away for 20 seconds. It’s also important to keep your monitor bright, so there is less “computer flicker,” which can lead to eyestrain and headaches.

Q. Are there things people should know about cataracts?

When your vision becomes hazy, blurry or less colorful, you may find you have a cataract. During cataract surgery, the doctor will remove your eye’s cloudy natural lens (cataract) and replace it with an artificial lens, which is called an intraocular lens (or IOL). What’s terrific about this surgery is that most patients experience significant improvement in their vision and they are often surprised at how easy the process is to get through.

Q. Are there other options for cataract treatments?

With the new Light Adjustable Lens, you will have the opportunity to preview possible vision outcomes with your cataract surgeon before you establish your final vision. Essentially, this allows you to “test drive” the different vision settings before deciding on your final choice.

Unlike traditional IOLs, the Light Adjustable Lens can be modified using specialized UV light treatments to enhance your vision. This is the world’s first lens implant that can be customized to your eye after surgery.

Q. What kind of cosmetic care do you offer?

You can enjoy the results of great treatments, including Botox, Dysport, facial peels, fillers, Kybella, Ultherapy and wrinkle reduction/skin resurfacing through TriBella.

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