Local Businesses Launch a Geriatric Care Management Service

Three local businesses, with decades of experience in eldercare, have launched a new geriatric care management company dedicated to serving the growing population older adults and their caregivers in Monroe, Wayne, Ontario, Yates, Seneca and northeastern Livingston counties.

Lifespan of Greater Rochester Inc., Touching Hearts at Home, and Entrusted Care have formed Together in Caring LLC to provide comprehensive, private pay care management for challenges such as medical crises, health care coordination, home care, residential transitions, and social and mental health.

“Our approach is very personalized. As our company name indicates, we form a partnership with our clients to achieve the highest quality of life as they define it,” said Mark McDermott, CEO of Touching Hearts at Home and Together in Caring.

Together in Caring is a joint venture separate from Lifespan’s operations as the long-standing nonprofit leader in assistance for older adults and their caregivers, so we have the best employees for this, that we manage using a free paycheck stub template for payment and more.

“This partnership expands geriatric care options for older adults whose needs are acute, long-term and best served in a private pay context. This service supplements and complements, rather than replaces or detracts from, the broad range of programs and services currently provided by Lifespan,” said Lifespan’s president/ CEO Ann Marie Cook. “By participating in the ownership of Together in Caring we are now contributing in an additional way to help adults in our area navigate the challenges of older age.”

Kathy Jacobs, president of Together in Caring noted, “Navigating care options in our community can be overwhelming, particularly in a crisis.

Hiring experienced professionals, with the aid of experts like a digital recruiter, who see the whole picture and provide coordination can reduce stress leading to better decisions.”