A bridge from hospital to home

Kirkhaven, with its partner Preferred Therapy Solutions, provides a team of rehabilitation professionals committed to guiding patients through successful rehabilitation after a hospital stay. The goal is to inform, educate and provide the quality care patients need to regain their strength after a hospitalization and return home.

Patient-centered care is the key to meeting each patient’s specific needs. Therapists’ treatment plans include a one-to-one approach, which allows the therapist to build a personal rapport with the patient and their loved ones, gaining insight into the patient’s lifestyle while working with them on their individual goals. That is what makes rehabilitation at Kirkhaven different from other providers. Kirkhaven focuses on a patient’s recovery for a successful return home.

Kirkhaven provides the care necessary to bridge the gap from hospital-to-home. Every therapy program is guided by a profound and lasting commitment to the patient. Their comprehensive model delivers personalized care, which is a powerful element in healing, recovery and rehabilitation. Their systematic approach is disciplined and efficient, keeping the unique needs of patients in mind.

Rehabilitation therapy is available six days a week in Kirkhaven’s state-of-the-art therapy center.

Learn how their exceptional model in rehab therapy can help you or your loved ones get back to your life at home.

Here is what some of Kirkhaven patients say about the services they received here:

“I spent two weeks at Kirkhaven for rehab after back surgery. I was very pleased with the level of care and the dedicated staff members. If I ever need rehab again, I will only consider Kirkhaven. They are the best!”

-JoAnne L.

“Everyone is great! They instructed me on how to get better and provided positive encouragement which was the motivation I needed. When I first arrived, I couldn’t move my right side and was doubtful that I would ever walk. Now, I can do everything on my own. I can dress myself, walk without a cane, and go up and down steps. When I was able to do all that, I had confidence I could get back home.”

-Alcenius H.

“Even though therapy was hard and I didn’t want to go all the time, the therapists at Kirkhaven listened to my concerns and gave me the emotional support that I needed. They held me accountable for my actions. I was able to push through the pain and negative thoughts to finish each session. They always encouraged me to reach my goals so I could walk again and go home.”

-Pamela T.

Kirkhaven: 254 Alexander St., Rochester, NY 14607
585-461-1991 ext. 3010